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We provide services for Active/Re-tired Uniformed Services Members and Veteran of all conflicts to include their families.

Post Traumatic
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Trauma Resolution Therapy

The model for applying Trauma Resolution Therapy in clinical, crisis, organizational and management settings. We know that you have a choice in selecting other Managed Care Consultants, and we will do everything we can to earn the trust and confidence you’ve given us.

How is this Therapy different from other specialties?

This Center is a Trauma Resolution Therapy organization designed to deliver “Trauma Therapy.” Through evidenced based wholistic approaches, this therapy uses a structured spiritual and psychodynamic model for helping people to resolve psychological trauma resulting from single and multiple traumatic experiences. Trauma may be one or more of the following:

  • A family background in the occult or false religion
  • Other negative prenatal influences (fetal alcohol syndrome)
  • Pressures in early childhood
  • Emotional shock or sustained emotional pressure
  • Sinful acts or habits
  • Victims of violence and / or abuse
  • Eye witnesses to violent crime
  • Perpetrators in recovery

Generally, “resolve psychological trauma” refers to the Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT) process. In this process both the psychological and neurological element of the trauma’s etiology is reversed, to the extent that the trauma victim’s psychology and neuro-physiology are reset to their pre-trauma existences, but within the current context.

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