Master Addiction Counselor and Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor. Board Certified through American Psychological Association and Licensed Professional Counselor, with certifications in Trauma Therapy, Child Divorce and Mediation as well as National Board of Counselor Certification. Healthcare Executive and Thought Leader with over twenty five years of experience leading care delivery, outreach programs and facilities management for national and international populations.

Additional areas of expertise include:

  • Policy
  • Advocacy
  • Developing community partnerships
  • Project funding and management
  • Design and implementation of behavioral and substance abuse programs

PH.D in Community Health, Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, Master’s Degree in Counseling, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Published author and Adjunct faculty at local university.

Whether challenged to develop policy, community partnerships, obtain project and grant funding, or design and implement behavioral health, substance abuse and court programs, I have consistently delivered strong and sustainable results. Significant accomplishments as Director of Behavioral Health at the Department of Health and Human Services include:

Employing a Social Determinants of Health model, established and implemented the first Southeast Regional Health Disparities Initiative to address health disparities among minority and under-served populations. Co-authored a steering document, “Common Ground: Creating Equity through Public Policy and Community Engagement.”

Utilizing keen strategic and human relations skills, successfully led five major initiatives to increase access for disadvantaged citizens and other victims of health disparities, to include implementing a strategic vision for integrated service delivery and collaborative public private partnerships, established the first integrated service delivery site integrating primary care, physical and behavioral health, workforce development, infectious diseases, teen pregnancy, reproductive health, chemical dependency and other health services at a major Center for Health and Rehabilitation.

While serving as Director of a 100+ inpatient hospital, successfully championed the turnaround operations of the facility which included transitioning to outpatient treatment services, thereby increasing efficiency by over 60%, increased Federal, state and local funding for the facility and positioned the facility for National Accreditation.

Utilizing a collaborative and innovate leadership model, led a statewide initiative to transition over 200 youth and adolescents from residential treatment in a county operated state orphanage to permanent housing, thereby decreasing the incidence of abuse, neglect and homelessness in an area overrun with health disparities. Outcomes also resulted in an over 3 million dollar increase in local funding to pioneer the first innovative one-stop center for child, adolescent and family services on a 22-acre campus. This initiative is noted locally and nationally for its significant reduction in the incidence of addiction, crime, violence and mental health disorders. This transformation also served to eliminate 100% of the rates of childhood prostitution in this metropolitan area.

By consensus building and coordinating efforts both internally and with external partners, established the county’s and one of the state’s first State and Magistrate mental health courts. This court subsequently led to the development of the first Superior Court Mental Health Court. Outcome resulted in both programs receiving local and national recognition for a marked reduction (40%) in the jail recidivism rate among offenders with mental illness and other health disparities. Additional cost savings realized through the leveraging of several million public and private funds.

In an effort to increase response to state and countywide emergencies, established the first county wide Crisis Intervention and Emergency Response team that was instrumental in training over 200 city, state and county law enforcement officers in behavioral health interventions. Developed and mobilized teams of crisis intervention experts that were detailed to schools, courts, and other agencies to mitigate county and statewide crises.

Co-authored the following publications:

  • The Juvenile and Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention Program: An Evaluation
  • International Journal of Behavioral Consultation & Therapy; IJBCT Volume 4.4
  • Healing and Hope for the Homeless: An Evaluation of Project Excell.

Currently serves as Adjunct Faculty at a local university and business owner in Private Practice, Expert Witness and Consultant.

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